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Enrico Monfrini

Enrico Monfrini, Geneva, April 13th, 2011 – click the tear sheet above to download and read the whole story.

Client: Financial Times

Irene And Doris

Irene (black dress) and Doris (white top) – early Sunday morning twin shoot. Grazie, ragazze!

Andare in Italia….

…per prendere delle fotografie – va bene! I am off to San Remo for a few days! Che gioia!  – In the past couple of weeks, I’ve worked furiously on my super duper brand new website and mailer, coming soon (thank you, Dieter and Flurin), I have photographed the last couple of babies for annabelle (sadly, the series will discontinue soon) and clicked myself through 100GB of raw data from my recent Australia trip. Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots – mostly just me very hard at work.

Hard at work photos by Stefanie Rigutto.

Sad News

Tim Hetherington, a photographer whose work I like and admire, died yesterday while covering the war in Libya.

RIP, Tim.

Here  – on the New York Times’ Lens Blog – some fellow photographers remember Tim. I have not yet seen his documentary Restrepo but I read his book Infidel which he published along with the writer Sebastian Junger and I can recommend it very much. He also won the World Press Photo of the year in 2007:

(photo by Tim Hetherington)

And here is a little movie of his, called “Diary,” very stream-of-consciousness-y –

Update from April 23rd: Rob Haggart – from the blog A Photo Editor – interviewed Tim Hetherington shortly before his death here.

On a lighter note and still in the interview department, here on “A Photo Editor” is another excellent interview with photographer Dan Winters. Two nice quotes: “Honestly, I think the key (…) has been, treat every assignment as if it’s your first one, you know? I think there is a misconception, especially that students have and I really make a point when I speak at schools to talk about the fact that you never really arrive. You are always working towards something but you never stop. I think there is this crazy idea that you get somewhere and then everything is cool.”

“I was dying to get into the city, so I found a shit hole, we called it the hell-hole. It was this building on Lake Street and Hudson in TriBeCa, which at the time was like no man’s land. (…) There were three of us in this place, I had one room and my darkroom was in my room and I slept on a futon so I could fold it up and shoot. I’ll never forget opening my eyes when I woke up and looking at chemistry that’s on my shelf.”

Movies About Twins, Photographers, And Soldiers

There are some movies coming out which I am very excited about:

“The Bang Bang Club” about a group of South African photographers –

A documentary about The New York Times’ Bill Cunningham. Anything related to The New York Times can’t be bad! And Emily liked it, too.

A documentary about lesbian stand-up comedian twins from New Zealand. Woah!

And another documentary – about soldiers. In Afghanistan. No, it’s not Restrepo.

The New York City Special

Published in SonntagsZeitung, March 27th, 2011. In collaboration with travel editor Stefanie Rigutto. Click on the photos above to view them large or just click here to download the PDFs.